EMDR Testimonials

“EMDR has changed my mental health journey. I had hit a wall with talk therapy and that is kind of terrifying. I had only vaguely heard of EMDR (or any other form of therapy for that matter) so trying to find a new form of therapy was intimidating. In my experience, EMDR has genuinely been much more comforting and helpful than it has been challenging. There is also a more perceivable difference in how I view my past experiences now— which was something I had never really expected to achieve” -Anonymous

“Participating in EMDR therapy with Gina has allowed me to effectively process long-standing traumas that have been affecting daily life for quite some time. I have been able to find success with EMDR because of the safe environment that Gina creates and also the trusting relationship that she fosters throughout our sessions together. Processing events through EMDR has significantly reduced my overall anxiety and desensitized triggers that had previously been distressing for me. Overall, EMDR therapy has, and continues, to improve the quality of my life. “


“At first I was extremely skeptical of EMDR. I wasn’t sure how me moving my eyes back and forth could possibly help me process traumatic memories that I still held on to, especially over video conferencing. I decided to give it a shot anyway because I was really tired of feeling stuck in my process of healing. I first started noticing a difference after my second session. I had made many connections between appointments and I felt that EMDR was really helping me. If anything, just trust the process. In my first memory reprocessing I had some roadblocks but for the most part it went smoothly. Now that I am doing my second memory, I am having a lot harder of a time. EMDR works but it can vary in how much time you need to be able to process the trauma, but just try it because it has helped me so much.” -Anonymous

“EMDR has been a life-changing experience. I came into EMDR with some knowledge about how it works, but it took experiencing it firsthand to understand its power. It has been incredible to learn about the way that trauma is stored in the body and to work to process that trauma out of my body through EMDR. The bilateral stimulation/tapping is something that I find myself doing even out of sessions to help calm down and regulate my nervous system. I feel very grateful for my EMDR sessions with Gina and I am excited to continue our work together.”